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What a Festival! Now what?

Posted by Merle Levin on March 23, 2010

Stanford Valley farm is nestled in the beautiful  Overberg of the Cape. Four years ago it began as a dream and forty of us responded to the idea of living and growing sustainably together (it’s a dream-in-process still as few of us actually live on the farm yet). This past weekend, the third of what has become an annual event, happened on the land. The  Freewheeling Festival – check out the website: . What a weekend it was, for me in ways unexpected and unscripted.

More than 200 people gathered to consider the world we want to live in and how to make it happen.  In the final plenary session, a group of young multicoloured teenagers stood up on stage and sang their prayers for us all.  “Ask us the questions you want to know of us” they sang. “Let us in return, ask you, so that together, old and young we can build this country and our world into all it longs to be” ( this of course is my clumsy take on what was said).  I cried as I watched them with tears of the soul. I cried at their hopes and dreams, their trust in their power to make a difference.  I cried, because I am a grandmother, and I want to be a part of this dream of a world whole and fair.  Here’s the rub though… Read the rest of this entry »

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