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Wow words from a Pulitzer prizewinner

Posted by Merle Levin on April 22, 2010

“Everyone runs into naysayers. But if you love something enough and feel passionately enough, you just go on ahead, walk right round the person saying it, proceed down the road and don’t look back. I wish there were a 12-step program on how to deal with all the various stages of composing anxiety.”  This is what Jennifer Higdon said after learning that she had just been awarded a Pulitzer prize for composition.  she began life as a composer late, she is mostly self trained and grew up with Hippie parents. I love to hear about how people find creative ways of successfully navigating through life.  If you have any stories to share, please do!

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Old data or Inspiration? It’s a choice

Posted by Merle Levin on April 16, 2010

Old data or inspiration?

Dr. Hew Len suggests we are carrying around in our databank, an inordinate amount of old junk that needs to be cleaned out if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life.  He says that any problem that arises, does so because somewhere in the memory bank is the residue of that issue.  It can be cleaned out.  It must be cleaned out!  He says we have a mortgage on our souls.  This amount of old data that sits there, waiting to be triggered in a flash. One way of tackling this propensity to go to the old rather than the new is to make a choice in the moment: old data or inspiration.  I’ve been practicing this technique diligently over these past months.  I have a lot to keep me up at nights and they do.

Now what? Go to the anxiety, the “stuff” that screams at me all night long? Or go for break: inspiration here I come! Read the rest of this entry »

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