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Recommended meditation

Posted by Merle Levin on November 17, 2011


I have often written of Dr. Hew Len and the story of how he healed a ward of criminally psychotic patients by working on himself.  How he advocates cleaning out the old memories we carry around in our system, that hold a mortgage on our souls.  Last week Kristin Flood and I were redesigning (for the hundredth time), our upcoming week of silence in the Italian monastery (check out my website for details of these retreats if you are interested to know more:   We came upon a new meditation that has just been posted on U tube by Dr. Hew Len and I include it with my love and high recommendation.



2 Responses to “Recommended meditation”

  1. Chelsey Campbell said

    I loved the meditation, I went to a healing week at Mayumurri in Austrailia and they teach you how to connect with your inner child or children and aparently we have a inner child for each deep hurt. They also teach you how to reparent yourself to give yourseft the love and care you might not have receved. I am a life alignment practitioner and I use this inner child work to help my clients it works amazingly. Chelsey Campbell

    • Thank you for this comment Chelsey. I agree that this Mother/child relationship with one’s inner child is as Dr. Hew Len says: The most important relationship of our lives. your comment gives another further perspective, which is very valuable. Blessings from Jeff as well, Merle

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