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A baby girl is born!

Posted by Merle Levin on January 5, 2012

Just a quick update from an exhausted Granny. A beautiful baby girl was born this morning. She is well and healthy. Her mom Angie is still in ICU. it was a difficult birth and a second team of surgeons were called in. she is resting and still cannot see the baby, but hopefully tomorrow she will be on the mend. The exhausted grandparents are going to collapse and celebrate with a clink of bubbly.
What a day!  Thank you so much for the many responses to the post this morning.  It was amazing to receive these messages of love and prayer  all day as we sat and rocked the newborn.


12 Responses to “A baby girl is born!”

  1. said

    Congratulations to all and I’m happy to hear all is well. Welcome to Earth baby girl, it is a beautiful planet
    Love you Katherine

  2. Diana Rice said

    Congratulations and welcome baby girl! Prayers and thoughts with Angela

  3. Mari Sorli said

    Dear Merle and Jeff. Congratulation. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and are so happy that it went so well. Hopefully Angie will recover fast. Looking forward to seeing both of them when I get to Cape Town. I will then celebrate with you:). Love Mari

  4. Lynne said

    congratulations to all, and our thoughts and prayers for the mums happy recover xxx Chris and Lynne Carr

  5. Maryse Barak said

    Blessings to each one! and a huge welcome to this beautiful girl, our delighted congratulations to you and love to the parents, Maryse and Steve

  6. Batya said

    Mazal tov Merle!!!!!!! And I will be going to California on Wednesday to become a granny too!
    Pleased to hear everyone is well.

  7. les kerr said

    Congrats to you all on the new Levin rising into this world! Love from Les and Christine

  8. Marian said

    Phew!! and a relieved mazaltov. May all be well.
    Much love
    Marian and Howard

  9. arleenh said

    Congratulations!!!! Sending so much love and blessings to all… and lots of healing and loving energy to Angie!!!

  10. Jorunn Fjeld said

    Gongratulations to proud parents and grannys and a heartly welcome to your baby girl!
    Sending a lot of love and blessings,


  11. Angela said

    Thank you Merle and all the kind ladies who kept us in mind during Safia’s birth! Your prayers saved my life. Safia Qt Assad-Levin is a treasure and a joy, and Dan and I are in bliss to have her in our life.

    Merle you are a fabulous mother-in-law and grandmother, your generosity knows no bounds. I do not know what I would have done without you during that month in hospital. I will never forget the healthy green salads and smoothies and all the divine treats you brought me, sparing me from having to eat the horrible hospital food, ala red viennas and polony 🙂

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