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Countdown to the birth

Posted by Merle Levin on January 5, 2012

In a few hours, a baby will be born. I have spent the night in prayer and preparation to meet this new soul. There are prayers and candles flickering in different parts of the world this morning as we entrust this delicate process into the hands of God. Please join us if you feel moved to.
Angela will have a full anesthetic and will need a blood transfusion after the birth, which will take place sometime after 8am this morning, Thursday January 5th.

9 Responses to “Countdown to the birth”

  1. Peter Willis said

    Thinking of you and the new soul, Merle. S/he has chosen well in the grandparent department, that’s for sure.
    Love, Peter

  2. Marian said

    We are both holding them and you in our hearts and prayers.
    May all be well.
    Love Marian and Howard

  3. Maryse Barak said

    am lovingly with you in the wonderful surround that you have created.Safe journeying to each one. welcome welcome. love Maryse

  4. arleenh said

    Dearest Levin family – by now you would have welcomed this beautiful baby into the world! You have all been in my mind and heart and throughts all day – sending you all so much love and healing!!!!

  5. Mari Sorli said

    Dear Merle. I am with you from Oslo…. Have lighted one candel for Angela, one for the baby and have put up a beautiful Angel between them. Love and blessings to all of you. Mari

  6. diana said

    Joy and blessings for you all. Best wishes & love. Diana x

  7. said

    Dear Merle, Bob and I are thinking of you and your son and daughter-in-law and the new one entering Earth at this most incredible time. I pray all is well.
    Love Katherine Southern

  8. Lisabeth Bakke said

    God morgen Merle, all the best for the newborn and the familiy !
    I red my notes from the writingcourse in Hamar/Norway I wrote: ” why writingcours”, people asked. I don’t know I answered. Very early in the course I wrote ” this course is one av the bricks in my wall that makes me the beatiful flower I was ment to be”.

    Thank you Merle and Kristin,


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